What is the “cost” for Company?

A common question people have when they search for new studio is “How much will it cost?”  This is especially true when you are considering the competition team. Below are some details that we hope you can use to help make that decision! 


Competitive students pay for their classes following our studio-wide tuition scale.  Many company students are unlimited, meaning they can take as many classes per week as they choose, for $225 per month.  This covers all class time. 

Choreography/Rehearsal Fee

Company students are placed in their dances at the beginning of each season by the faculty.  For each dance, there is a $18 per month fee that covers both choreography and rehearsal time.  All dances have a 30 minute rehearsal each week on the schedule, with the exception of production, which meets for 1 hour weekly.  For example, you are placed in 2 small groups, 2 large groups, and production… you will pay $18 per month, per dance for a total of $90 ($18 x 5 dances).  

You will have the opportunity on your audition application to tell us how many dances you would feel comfortable being placed in… we may put in you in less, but will not put you in more.  There are no other choreography fees charged unless you choose to be in a group that wants a guest choreographer.  

Guest Choreography

You are also able to indicate on your audition application if you wish to be considered for guest choreography.  Fees will vary by group based on choreographer’s fees, travel expenses for the guest, and size of group.  Once choreography is complete, the routine will rehearse as a group for the remainder of the year under the $18 rate described above. 


Each dance will have its own costume.  Prices vary greatly, but we aim to keep costs between $100-$200 per dance, before stones.  Each costume requires a $125 deposit that can be paid over four months (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec).  Example, you have five costumes… you will owe $125 costume deposit in Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec ($25 x 5 costumes).  Costume balance invoices will be sent out in March, and any remaining amounts will be due in April. Please note that this may include a portion of the charge for props if they are used in your child’s dances.  Parents may purchase their rhinestones on their own, and we will provide directions for that as costumes details become available. 

Competition Fees

Competition Fees for group dances average $55-60 per dance, per competition.  Company dancers compete in three regional competitions and one national competition.  Solos/Duets/Trios are more expensive, averaging $110-125.  Regional competitions are in the Kansas City area, and travel is not usually required.  This varies based on location, and the dates/location will be shared at the company meeting held in August. 


We do believe that students learn a lot from attending conventions, so each company dancer is required to attend at least one convention.  .  We will be hosting an in-house convention with faculty coming in from across the country, offering a variety of styles.  This will be less expensive, and held at Starstruck.   Students may attend more conventions, with faculty permission, but they must attend the in-house convention  for the 2019-2020 season.  We will provide more details on conventions during the company meeting in August. 

Summer Intensives

Company students are required to attend intensives during the month of June, prior to nationals.  Costs ranges from $250-$345 (depending on how many weeks are offered).  You do not pay regular tuition during the month of June, but you will still pay company fees ($18 per dance, per month, for rehearsal time) 

Other Fees (estimated)

  • T-Shirt Fee $60

  • Recital Fee $25

  • Spirit Wear (optional) 

We hope this helps explain/represent the costs for the year.


Please note that this is an estimate, but no large expenses, not listed here, should arise.

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