The Starstruck Dance Company is a competitive dance company designed for the serious dancer who is highly motivated in the performing arts. Those selected for company will possess the following: 

1. Must be physically fit with emphasis on healthy mind and body 


2. Must be self-motivated and able to self-evaluate 


3. Must have solid technical and performance skills based on their age 


4. Strong desire to grow and develop as a dancer 


5. Must have a sense of humor and a positive attitude 


6. Have respect for team and staff 


7. Show support for the studio, teachers and fellow dancers 


8. Must have a supportive family base that shows respect for the teachers and students at all times.


Commitment: Company participants are required to participate from August 2017-July 2018. This is a serious commitment and will not be taken lightly. All students and their parents will be required to sign an agreement that they understand what their commitment is and that they are willing to participate to their fullest. The company does 3 regional competitions, 1 convention, recital, and 1 national. Some regionals may require travel. All dancers are required to participate in all performances unless otherwise stated by faculty. Any violation of this commitment/handbook may result in removal from company. If a dancer quits midseason they will never be allowed to audition for company again unless it is for health reasons, which will require a note from a doctor. 

Attendance: attendance is mandatory for all company members! When it comes to school and family activities, we will be flexible. However, by accepting your place in company, you have agreed to your schedule & are not allowed to miss more than what is listed below. If you are going to miss a group rehearsal or class, please email or text the teacher so we can plan accordingly. If you are going to miss your solo/duet rehearsal, you must give adequate notice (see private lesson contract) or you will still have to pay your instructor for your lesson. Please keep in mind we plan our classes and rehearsals ahead of time and if we don’t know people will be missing, that changes what we have planned and can sometimes result in wasted time on everyone’s part. NOTE; We fully support your child being well rounded and having activities outside of dance. However, they are on a high-level competition team and they are constantly learning new skills. When they are not there, it is holding everyone back because we have to make sure all of the students understand cleaning, technical skills, etc. They can’t improve if they are not there! 



Company 1- 1 ballet, 1 jazz, leaps and turns strongly encouraged 

Company 2- 1 ballet, 1 jazz, Leaps and turns 

Company 3- 2 ballet, 1 jazz, 50% leaps and turns, modern (if in modern dance) 

Company 4- 2 ballet, 1 jazz, modern, 50% leaps and turns 


You may not have a standing attendance of: -2 jazz -3 ballet -2 modern -2 leaps and turns -3 rehearsals per dance 

NEW: we will be posting attendance every month at the studio. Any student who is behind in their classes (listed above) will be highlighted and will also be taken out of 1 dance and the alternate will dance in their place until their classes are made up. If this falls over a competition, the alternate will dance! If a second month is posted and they are still behind, they will be pulled from another dance. Each month a dancer remains negative in their classes (as listed above) they will be removed from another dance. 

Drill Team/other activities: We would like all dancers that participate in other activities to email their coach and copy us on it to open a line of communication so everyone can work together and be flexible. Please include all competition teachers you have in your email. 



1. Small groups- $15 per month per dance 

2. Large groups- $15 per month per dance 

3. Production- $15 per month per dance 

4. Solos/duets- $15 per person per 30 min and $175 studio fee per year (Aug 17-July 18) 

T-shirt fee- $40 

JoJax top- $42 (only if you need a new one) 

Company JacketBackpack (optional): 


NOTE: Accounts must be up to date in order to audition for company as well as accounts up to date before you can compete. 

Competition Fees: Fees associated with each competition will be sent via email before your due date. If you are pulling a solo or duet, you need to notify Amy Hofer AND the front desk asap. Once the studio has paid for your specialty, we cannot get your money back. These fees need to be paid on time or a late fee will be added to your account. Please see your company calendar for due dates. 


Extra competitions/conventions: Many competition and conventions will not allow individuals sign up and have to go through a studio. Please email Amy if you are looking at doing an extra event at least 2 months in advance! 

Costumes: Our costumes average $150. Some will be more, some will be less. You are responsible for buying your own AB stones and the studio will cover the cost of colored stones and be included in your final statement. Costume deposits will be made throughout the year and specific dates will be listed on the company calendar. Solo/duet costumes are your responsibility. However, please speak with your instructor on how they would like it designed. If you quit in the middle of the year, YOU DO NOT GET A REFUND ON YOUR DEPOSITS. We have already spent that money on materials and the costume will be passed onto the alternate and they will pay the remainder of the costume! If costume deposits are not made, your costumes will not be given to you! 


Jewelry & make up: Company earrings will be ordered through the booster club. All other earrings for specific dances will be purchased through the front desk once they are available. Required: foundation that matches your skin tone (high quality), concealer (one shade lighter than skin tone), blush, black eyeliner (liquid or clay pot), eye shadow (we will give you these required colors asap but MAC has discontinued some of the colors), mascara, and lipstick (Maybelline All Day Cherry #15 24-hour color OR Lipsense Fly girl), fake eyelashes 


Alternate Policy: There is an alternate for almost all dances (maybe not 8 & under) so that if someone is pulled from a dance due to illness, injury or attendance we do not have to re-space the dance. Alternates are responsible for knowing every person’s part in the dance and be ready to perform it at any time. 


1. If the alternate knows they are dancing BEFORE fees are due, the alternate will pay for the competition. 


2. If the alternate has to fill in AFTER fees are due for competition, they DO NOT pay. We realize this is sometimes 4-6 weeks before the competition, but we cannot continue to bill people last minute. 


3. If the alternate is permanently put in the dance, they will only pay for any remaining part of the costume that has not already been paid for and they costume will become theirs. 


The Competition Philosophy: It is important to understand that the “competition” aspect of being a member of the Starstruck Company should be considered a “performance” opportunity. Competition results are strictly a subjective opinion and your child’s growth should not be completely gauged by their scores or achievements at competition. It is important that you, as their parent, understand this and counsel your child through this experience. These are invaluable life lessons for these kids but only if the parents are supportive or them and of the faculty. We do not foster competition within our company and all we ask of our students is to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Each child learns and peaks at different times, and you need to applaud their efforts and accomplishments as well as encourage them when they get off track. We encourage them to set specific goals other than “get 1st place” because that is out of our control. Help them come up with goals for the year that they can be in control of (pirouettes in high releve, engaging their back, working through tendu and degage to battement.) The faculty can also offer suggestions! 


Extra Practices: We often schedule extra rehearsals in order to get ahead of the game or clean intricate dances. These are at no charge to you, but also please keep in mind that the teachers are paid for this either. Please let us know asap if you are unable to attend (especially over Christmas Break) so we can either cancel or reschedule if needed. 


Competitions: The competition schedule usually comes out 1-2 weeks before the event. Any cash prize will be divided and applied to your account with exception of production, which the studio uses to pay for props. You are not to communicate with any competition or convention official about studio matters. Let us know of any concerns and we will relay the message. 


Parent Roles: Starstruck is a drama free zone! Parents are expected to be supportive, respectful and courteous to all dancers and their families. The studio will not tolerate rudeness, jealousy and resentment. Disrespect to a team member, their family, teacher or director could result in removal from the company or from the studio. It makes no difference how good your child is or who you are…you are not allowed to bring drama or negativity into our studio, which we want to be a safe, friendly learning environment for your children. Your role as a parent includes: 


1. Lift up and support all of the dancers 


2. Teach your child that they will not always get what they want, or win everything 


3. Teach your child to be happy for other dancers and their success 


4. Stand firmly and support your teachers 


5. Teach your child to do the RIGHT thing, not always what their emotions tell them to do 


6. Let them know that we all make mistakes, but we also have to take responsibility and apologize for things we say and do I know this is a huge commitment, really for your entire family. 


Please put in the effort to make this a wonderful place for you and the rest of these families. I cannot expect kids to respect each other and get along if you as parents do not set that example. Please choose your words wisely and kindly. Thank you for trusting us as a studio and sharing your children with us. We take our job very seriously and your child’s success is our priority. Making decisions regarding placement in their classes and placement is a very long, difficult and well thought out process. No child is “held back” or “forgotten.” We want your child to excel to their fullest potential and by enrolling at this studio, you are putting your faith in us and showing that you believe in our methods and what we do with them. 


Agreement I have thoroughly read and understand the rules and regulations included in this handbook for 2019-2020.

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